Whittle-le-Woods Bears

Irene and Mike Whittle are the creators of Whittle-le-Woods bears, based in Lancashire. They have been making traditional Edwardian style, mohair teddy bears since 1992. These bears are sometimes undressed but more often, they are dressed in fully tailored, themed garments. Each bear is unique and full of character.
Irene has a degree in fashion design and spent thirty years designing garments and cutting patterns for the fashion industry, a skill which can easily be seen in the creations she designs from scratch. Mike is an avid photographer, a subject he studied for his degree. Their love of Teddy Bears started as far back as the '80s when they developed an interest in old toys. Even now, they are experts on the history of Edwardian tin plate cars and boats.
Irene is a keen gardener, although she says she only has a small garden, and both Irene and Mike enjoy holidays in England and they are keen campers.