The Bear Shop has been chosen by Charlie Bears to become one of their few stockists of the Secret Collection –

Very Limited Exclusives sought after by discerning collectors.  The range is launched twice a year and when one of these very special collectibles becomes available it can be viewed here –

on a first come first served basis.

These are the bears we hope to have soon – please send the Bear Shop your order – will do everything we can to fulfil your request:


   Black Forest Gateaux-£89.95    Puddy Cat-£71.95               Carson-£94.95                   Cheryl-£79.95                           Chris-£79.95                        Evelyn-£104                     Foster-£59.95                            Marie-£71.95                                

   Snowbaby-£71.95            Thningyamabob-£74.95        Watchamacallit-£74.95     

The Bear Shop Norwich