Hello ! My name is Mini Teddy Bear from Steiff.

Item number: 028168

Where one feels at home, others will follow! Steiff Miniature Teddy bears are fascinating to see in twos, in threes, in conversation with each other, decorating their surroundings, in all kinds of positions – and always something new. They are also a delight on their own. Our 9 cm, 5-way jointed Steiff Mini Teddy bear, for example, has been elaborately crafted from top-quality, slightly tousled, light brown mohair. His felt paws and soles come in contrasting pale beige, and he has a stitched, dark brown nose and gorgeous airbrushed details. His sturdy limbs even allow him to stand with a slight lean or to put his arm around one of his friends. There’s no doubt about it, this Mini Teddy bear will be there for you through thick and thin. And if you happen to be joined by two, three or four more at some point in the future, then you’ll both be in the best of company!


Mini Teddy 028168

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