Hello there! My name is Lavender Rabbit from the 2021 Steiff Collection.

I am 5 way jointed,  loosely jointed, elongated limbs.

I have stuffing made from recycled PET bottles. 

Hand garnished nose, expressive eyes, large pupils, gold-framed iris, airbrushed eyelids. 

Teddies for Tomorrow is an innovation by Steiff focusing on sustainability and the conservation of our environment and resources.

They are made from non-animal materials such as hemp, linen, bamboo viscose, recycled polyester fibres, pineapple leather, violas, leather imitation in polyurethane, with stuffing made from recycled PET bottles or wood wool.

Every Teddies for Tomorrow is proud to wear a special chest tag, made from various precious metals, using the very first Company logo from 1897.

Lavender Rabbit -Teddies for Tomorrow 007033

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