Hello! My name is Claire's lion 006210 - your new best friend, I am from the Steiff Limited Edition 2020 Collection. I come with a box and certificate. 

Lovers of Steiff call them Teddy Bear Royalty, the founders and creators of the soft toy and the teddy bear. This "Family Collection" pays homage to this Steiff Royal Family and makers of Teddy Bears, by reproducing much loved characters and designs, held most dear by their family members by sharing them with us.
Claire Steiff Meisel is the Granddaughter of designer Richard Steiff and Great Niece to Steiff founder, Margarete Steiff. Claire's Lion was her childhood companion, much loved and treasured and now, due to this magical recreation you get to have an insight into the family who created this world we love. 
 He has been sewn from a luxurious blonde short-pile mohair, with a decadent cocoa tipped latte, long-pile mohair for his regal mane and tail tip. His paws are hand painted, showing off his feline toes and his claws are hand stitched to compliment. His gorgeous face, with his shinning two-tone orange eyes, and enchanting hand stitched coral nose have received gentle airbrush shading to shape and define, whilst acrylic whiskers plus a fluffy white chin tuft completes his glorious look. His appeal is endearing, you can certainly see why Claire fell for this adorable fellow.

Claire's lion 006210

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