Hello! My name is Lio, your new best friend, I am a Steiff creation.

Help us protect the diversity of species. The world is in a state of radical change and the number of species facing extinction is climbing. With this in mind, we partnered with National Geographic and created a special collection of plush toy animals in support of preserving biodiversity. The collection includes a wide variety of animals that were photographed by Joel Sartore for the National Geographic Photo Ark species preservation project. Your purchase is supporting a good cause! Proceeds from the sale of any National Geographic product support scientists, explorers and researchers from the National Geographic Society all over the world. We welcome Lio, the Bengal slow loris to our National Geographic family. It is a primate from the loris family. Its adorable look and trusting behaviour increase the threat to this wonderful creature. Its habitat is disappearing due to human influence. And its cute nature makes it a favourite pet in many parts of Asia. This animal is easy to catch as it just stands still when it is found. And that’s the whole tragedy. Here comes a representative of this species. When it is in human company, it simply radiates joy. Lio Bengal slow loris is 26 tall and is made of light brown cuddly soft plush fabric. The nose and feet are beige and its face is dark brown and cream. The brown face, back and claws are produced using elaborate airbrush applications. The toes are produced by stitching. Lio Bengal slow loris is ready at any time to give and receive cuddles. On the other hand, its relatives would definitely be grateful if they were left in peace. A symbol can also bring lots of joy.

Cuddly soft plush

Material Composition:
stuffed with synthetic filling material


Lio Bengal Slow Loris 024436

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