Our Norwich Shop

Our Norwich Shop is situated in one of the oldest parts of the city. We are housed in a beautiful Tudor building in the ancient cobbled street of Elm Hill. The original elm tree is long gone but the shop stands opposite a lovely plane tree which stands in its place. At the rear of the shop is a peaceful garden thought to have been designed by the late Gertrude Jeckyll

We have two large Georgian glass windows which are always stuffed with bears, and shelves upon shelves of bears created by talented artists and all the top manufacturers

Even on the coldest and dampest of days there is a warm glow from the windows onto the cobbles in the street
Visitors are drawn in by the glow, and once inside they are encouraged to pick up the bears. We are definitely a 'hands on' rather than a 'don't touch' shop

In the Summer, the sunlight filters through the plane tree in the square outside and softly warms the Bears. We open the garden then for special events, when Customers can choose their Bears outside.