Elm Hill

Elm Hill is a charming and unique cobbled shopping street backed by the River Wensum and close to the magnificent Cathedral. It is one of the oldest parts of Norwich.

The street was destroyed by fire in 1507 and was rebuilt in the 16th and 17th centuries. Most of the present merchants' houses date from that period. Our shop is located in one of these.

Elm Hill was named for the elm trees which grew in the square outside the shop. Dutch elm disease put paid to these but a single tree now stands in their place and still manages to look magnificent.

In this picturesque part of Norwich you are welcome to shop, just browse or relax in one of the cafes and coffee houses.
In addition to teddy bears, you will find some unusual and unique items, including crafts, jewellery, paintings, antiques and a myriad of knick-knacks and collectibles.

Whatever you do, you are assured of our help, advice and good old-fashioned service.
The street is almost traffic-free and car parking is available in The Monastery car park just around the corner from The Bear Shop.

The street has one of the largest collections of Tudor building anywhere in Britain and is a magnet for photographers, both amateur and professional. We have also featured in numerous TV documentaries and have often been used as a film set, most notably perhaps in the film Stardust where the Britons Arms became the Slaughtered Prince public house.

For more information about Elm Hill we recommend you look at the Visit Norwich website where there is a fuller history of the street and some interesting and little known facts about us