Ellie Bears                          This page last updated: 16 August 2019
Ellie Bears have been made in Essex by Ellie Covell since 1993. Most of what Ellie creates are traditional bears but she also loves to make the occasional 'quirky' character, as well as little dogs and meerkats. Ellie is a busy grandmother, and when not making bears, has a part time job and likes to keep fit with ten pin bowling and pilates. Ellie says that, even though she has been making bears for many years, she still has lots of enthusiasm and is always looking to make something new

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Muffin (left) and Marty (right)
Soft Pile German Mohair
Ltd. Ed. of Four each
Muffin 10" (25cm)
Marty 9" (23cm)
£94.95 each

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Mohair and Wool Mix
15" (38cm)
One of One

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9" (23cm)
One of One

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11 " (28cm)
One of One